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OutsideIN House

The most secret place in a city is the home. The ousideIN House is an urban rowhouse designed for all the activites of living. Its open space facilitates a flexibility of daily rhythm and ritual. Rather then circumscribing specific activates into rooms, three vertically overlapping zones serve different modes of living: spaces for prospect, refuge, and reflection. A high probability of interaction characterizes zones of prospect. Zones of refuge are characterized by safety, comfort, and rest. The zones of reflection connect the house to the sky, where learning and thinking are fully engaged. These three private activities are fortified from the city within one solid shell. This secret space is a bright open indoor landscape that can both connect and remove one from the city.

What we typically consider outside, the lawn, garden, pool, deck, and driveway come inside. The the ousideIN house is a climatized outdoors, garden living year round. All that remains of the standard outdoors is an urban gesture, one tree and a vertical garden that function as both facade and front lawn. The concentration of life inside the house is greater then in the urban territory surrounding it. An ecosystem is established where architecture, humans, animals, plants, and machines coexist and support each other.