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Urban Camping

From a typically horizontal to a vertical experience urban camping elevates vistas in response to density. The tent is always positioned in the open air through variable stacking. The circulation is minimized (if it exist, use it). Personalization, individualization, and collective adaptation of the camp site is encouraged so the landscape becomes a successive structure. It is a positive enrichment for its surroundings (spatial, light, social, ecological, economical) and is not a parasite. The structure respects every individual's quality of light and sight without disturbing his or her neighbors. The structure is a specific generic but could evolve towards a unique identity, adapting itself depending on the surroundings.

Work was ompleted with Oscar Rommens and Joris Van Reusel of import.export Architecture the first results of the project were shown at the Antwerp Design Center's expo "2030 its about time" in 2008.